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8 (Easy) Welding & Fabrication Business Ideas In 2020

Welding and Fabrication Business Ideas

Want to start a welding business? 

Looking for ideas?

If you are interested in welding and seeking ideas for living, then you can find so many options available in your doors.

There are plenty of options out there to choose from and build a career from it.

To establish a business, you need to have some experience and money to invest.

These options can vary on your interest and experience.

But you have to choose a particular type of welding. Which type of welding do you want to work on? Is it flux core welding, or stick/MIG/TIG welding, aluminum welding, or gas welding, or even plasma cutter?

If you already have some experience, you may know which field is better and what ideas to choose.

I’m breaking down here some ideas for you. I hope these will help you to choose and start a welding business.

8 Welding And Fabrication Business Ideas

1. Build your own welding workshop:

The first thing I have on my list is to build a shop in a small space. 

It could be your garage or a small shop in your house or whatever else. 

I think it is the best idea if you want to make a good profit.

It has a great opportunity to expand your business over time when you have more work/orders to do. 

Just need an off-site place to work dirty stuff and your shop will be the showroom. 

When your business will grow, you need some crew members to assist your work. 

Many of the newbie welders are willing to work for such a tiny salary to achieve some experience of it.

If you are well known in your colony, it's a plus point to get some customers at an early age.

2. Welding service for home:

No worries if you don't have a place for a shop or have enough investment. 

We have another idea that does not require a shop to start a business.

Here's the deal...

Many of us need some welding work in our home.

In those cases, we cannot carry the stuff to the welding shop for repair.

It could be a steel roof, gate, windows, etc.

Here the opportunity comes, you can provide home welding service in your area.

So that you don't need a shop but you have to do marketing your service in your area which I told you about before.

In some cases, it could be dangerous if the repairing area is in the height position. And you have to make early preparations for that.

3. Modern steel gate design:

The first impression of your house is a gate.

That is why it has a great demand. 

Also, it has a great opportunity to make some handsome amount of money from it.

But in this sector, you need to have some design ideas for your customer. 

Because not everyone has design on their mind so it is better to have your own.

On the other hand, you have to be experienced in welding to design a fancy gate.

Some gates are slum structured, so if you don't have enough experience you couldn't make it perfect. So, this idea is not applicable to everyone.

4. Be a good aluminum welder in the market:

Aluminum welding is one of the toughest welding in the welding industry.

This is why it has a shortage of aluminum welders and has a great demand.

It also has an opportunity for the highest paying rate.

If you are good at aluminum welding, you just opened your door of opportunities.

In aluminum welding, there are plenty of options to build a career which are aluminum door and window making, boat making and repairing, etc.

So, if you choose to be an aluminum welder, it can be a great decision.

5. Stainless steel furniture making:

Stainless steel furniture making is another great idea to choose.

This production often tends to be for high-ticket clients. 

It needs far more outlay, yet the return is considerably greater than most other making jobs. 

Again, this is not a business to launch fast unless you have a huge budget plan. With some commitment to the market and a talented group, heavy stainless steel production can be an excellent business to make financially rewarding earnings.

6. Shipbuilding contractor:

Shipbuilding construction is an extra customized area, but with a large quantity of welding needed. 

It's equally as simple to set up an organization in this market. 

It allows you to charge more excellent prices than a general fabricating store, with similar setup costs and jobs needed, yet bringing in high revenue.

Know more about shipbuilding:

7. Underwater welding service:

The underwater welding service is equally an experienced service and also critical. 

It has more safety issues and also needs physical fitness.

However, it is a critical welding service which makes it more rewarding.

If you love diving, you may get the opportunity to make a good deal of money from it. 

Know more about underwater welding:

8. Modify welding for cars and bikes:

Modifying cars and bikes is a passion of many of its owners.

Bike and car lovers often modify it for new and uncommon looks.

Here the opportunity comes to us.

You can open a garage shop to modify bodywork.

But, it needs to be well known to the riders community.

Or you have to market your shop to the car and bike owners.

It's not like the other ideas, it needs some capital to invest.

If you think you can manage those things just go for it.

Build a modified shop need some budget on your own

They just love modifying because of the new look which is uncommon

Final Verdict:

In this article, I tried to cover all the possibilities of welding business ideas.

But the decision is yours which one meets your experience and expectation.  

Again I want to clarify that you must have some budget plan for your business depending on your ideas.


Saturday, March 13, 2021

How To Start Welding At Home (4 Easy Steps To Start) - In 2021

To start welding in your home you don’t require much money or effort. You can simply weld at your home by using some gear which gives you value at a low cost.

You don't have to buy heavy-budget gear because if you don't have experience on this there are more chances you might buy the wrong welder and tools.

Start with a cheap welder and tools, and when you get some experience then you can buy the premium heavy-duty gadgets.

So to become a home welder you need to know some basic ideas about what you should focus on.

Choose the easiest method of welding:

Mostly it depends on your materials and the thickness of the metal. This leads to three types of welding TIG, MIG, and STICK. If you want to know these types of welding check this guide from Millerwelds.

For beginners, MIG is the easiest method of welding to start. You can learn it at your home to fix some household works and DIY welding Projects.

MIG stands for metal inert gas. it is also called gas metal arc welding (GMAW). In this process, a shielding gas is used to protect the weld pool from contamination and a wire electrode is used as a filler metal.

To know the MIG welding basics read the complete guide of MIG welding.

Learn basics of welding:

To start welding at your home, you need to know some basics of welding. How to set up your welder, how’s the wire feed speed, which wire should you use for your material, etc. 

It's better to complete a short course otherwise google knows everything and the sky's the limit.

Grab your welding machine and accessories:  

The most confusing part is choosing the appropriate welding machine and tools.

Previously I have suggested starting with cheap welding machines and tools. 

Because you don’t want to buy a welder which is costly and there is a chance that you don’t know how to deal with it.

In today’s market, you can find a good welder at a low cost. So don’t think too much about it, just grab a welder and start your journey.

Prepare your workpiece:

Before welding, you need to prepare your workpiece. If it is rusty clean it with a good wire brush or grinding wheel, clamp it properly, and start welding.

It is that simple.

Let’s begins the war:

Now you know how to start welding at your home. But first things first, don't forget to use safety precautions while welding. 

Before starting welding practice for some time using scrap metal because you don’t want to ruin your workpiece. The more you practice, the more you learn. 

8 (Easy) Welding & Fabrication Business Ideas In 2020

Want to start a welding business?  Looking for ideas? If you are interested in welding and seeking ideas for living, then you can find so ma...